The Awesomeness That Is The Nintendo 2DS Crystal Blue

The Awesomeness That Is The Nintendo 2DS Crystal Blue

What’s up you guys. So recently I picked up a Nintendo 2DS. I honestly haven’t gamed on a console in a very long time. A while back I even uploaded a video on how I use my iPhone to game with the help of a bluetooth controller. To be frank the only reason I picked up a 2DS was because of Pokemon Go. I played that mobile game for a little bit and got bored very quickly, but was left curious about how the newest Pokemon games played. As I found out more about those games I realized there were quite a few really fun looking titles you could play on the 2DS. So I went ahead and picked up a Crystal Blue version along with a few games.

2ds still

I’m actually really happy I was able to get one of these since Nintendo discontinued them. You can still pick them up used or new (expensive) on Ebay or Amazon although the prices aren’t great but if you’re patient I’m sure you can find a good deal. They have a retro transparent casing that really takes you back to some of the older Game Boys. It let’s you see everything that’s going on inside like the battery and other components. When you hold it you feel like you’re holding a Game Boy. I don’t get that feeling with something like a 3DS XL and I also want to point out that I got the 2DS over the 3DS XL specifically because of that.

2ds still 2

At first glance the design of the 2DS looks a bit funny. A lot of people call it a doorstop because of it’s wedge shape but that’s actually the best part about the system. It’s incredibly ergonomic and feels intuitive. Your thumbs rest on the circle pad and the right buttons while your index fingers rest comfortably on the L and R buttons. The stylus is also in the perfect spot to pull out as needed. It’s a bit awkward using the d-pad but with the circle pad theirs not much reason too. The single speaker isn’t terrible but it’s definitely not great. This doesn’t bother me too much because you can plug in a pair of earbuds, although you do have to go into the settings to manually change it to stereo. I’ll admit with some games like Super Smash I wish the screen could be bigger (I’m used to my PSP 3000 with CFW) but with the resolution to match not just stretched like the 3DS XL. I like games to be sharp.Other than that the 2DS’s design is fantastic in my opinion. The 2DS also has a bunch of other bullshit features but I’m not gonna waste time talking about them since I think most would get it to game.

2ds case still

I also picked up a few accessories like a Nintendo Brand case for the 2DS. It’s the Silver version and unfortunately I couldn’t find a seller in the states so I had to order it from the United Kingdom. Surprisingly it only cost 10 bucks with shipping and it got here much faster than I anticipated. The case is pretty simple and fits the 2DS perfectly. Inside it has a soft lining to protect the screen with a cushioned black border line that protects the edges of the 2DS when the case is zipped up but you still want to be careful putting it inside so it doesn’t bump against the zippers. It can also hold up to three game cartridges allowing you to carry up to four games with one in the 2DS. You can even fit three more underneath that sleeve albeit they’ll only stay in place when the case is zipped up. I kind of wish they had made the sleeve for 6 games but I understand they wanted to keep it flush. It’s definitely a very minimal case but that’s what I wanted, to keep a small form factor.

sd still

Another thing I made sure to get was a decent SD card. The one I chose was the Sandisk Ultra 16GB and it was only 8 bucks when I price matched it at Target! It’s a Class 10 with read speeds of up to 80 megabytes per second. A bit overkill but I noticed the 2DS was much faster with that card instead of the included one. Surprisingly the cards Nintendo recommends on it’s website are very fast with reads speeds ranging from 90 to 95 megabytes per second. I don’t understand why since I read somewhere that the systems are limited to a max of 30 megabytes per second. If you plan to get all of your games digitally then I’d suggest a 32GB card.

pokemon x box

Now what really makes the 2DS awesome are the great games. The first game I picked up was Pokemon X. I found it to be a lot of fun and the visuals were a far cry from Red Version. It’s also packed with a ton of Pokemon to catch and the battles are great with the whole cinematic like camera. It improves on the old formula in almost every way except one. I found the game to be way too easy compared to the older games. It’s not so much because the experience share, which removes a lot of the receptiveness from the game, but because the Gym Leaders and other trainers in general totally sucked. One of the best parts of the older games was losing and then overcoming through the use of strategy. It’s still a really fun game though, I just wish it had an option to use a more intelligent AI.

super mario 3d land box

I also picked up Super Mario 3D Land. This game is awesome. Honestly the only reason I picked it up is because it reminded me so much of Super Mario 64 and yes it totally plays like it but in a more linear fashion. Some levels even hint at free roam-like gameplay! It’s feels a bit short but it’s loads of fun and brings back those levels that make your palms sweat. You’ll definitely find yourself shouting a classic “FUCK!” with a smile as you fall into a void in some of the levels. Nintendo, please make another free-roam Mario game. I’ll tell you this much, if the Nintendo NX comes with Super Mario NX featuring free-roam gameplay, I’ll buy that system in a heartbeat. I don’t give a shit about graphics anymore, it’s all about being fun. They already got my attention with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, now they just need to seal the deal.

shovel knight box

Another awesome game I got is Shovel Knight. I love this game. It’s so much fun and it’s actually challenging. If you were a big fan of NES and Super Nintendo you’ll definitely want to try this game out. A lot of recent Nintendo games are way too easy since they have to compete with mobile games and many hardcore gamers have left Nintendo behind in favor of XBOX and Playstation. This game brings back that challenge in a retro fashion along with an awesome soundtrack. Interestingly enough it was one of their ads that convinced me. I picked it up the same day.

pac man and galaga dimensions box

One game I picked up that a lot of people may not like is Pac Man & Galaga Dimensions. I got it specifically for Pac-Man Tilt but it has a bunch of Pac-Man and Galaga games that are pretty fun including the originals. I really like the use of the gyro in the 2DS for gameplay. The gameplay mechanic is very similar to a mobile game but the gyro response is much better than a smartphone. It also has some really neat frames you can use when playing the original Pac Man and Galaga that fill the empty side spaces of the screen with an arcade cabinet and warp the screen to resemble a CRT. It’s actually really cool and I think this would look even better when using the 3D effect on a 3DS or 3DS XL. For ten bucks it’s fun if you’re a fan of classic arcade games.

I did get one digital download game called Pushmo because it was cheap and seemed fun. It’s perfect for short gaming sessions and you have a ton of player created levels you can download. It’s a bit tedious at first since it’s easy but later on it get’s pretty hard. Great puzzle game. I can definitely see myself getting Crashmo and Stretchmo in the future.

Of course there’s a variety of other games but these are the ones that really caught my attention and I loved every single one. The only game I really wish I could add would be a digital download of Stardew Valley which is a game that’s everything you ever wanted in a Harvest Moon game. I played for a little bit on a computer but ended up returning it. I think that sort of game would fit well with handhelds like the 2DS making use of it’s split screen. Maybe in the future but given that the 3DS line (2DS, 3DS, 3DS XL) has a limit of 128mb of ram it’s unlikely.


Overall the 2DS is pretty cheap for a handheld system at only 80 dollars with Mario Kart 7 included but you can get just the 2DS for 60 refurbished directly from Nintendo. If you want to play some really fun games I’d recommend picking one up. Sure it may not have groundbreaking graphics but the games still look great and are a lot of fun and that’s the reason you game in the first place.