Natural Sounds

Natural sounds are beautiful. I enjoy going out and seeing what I can hear with what I like to call “enhanced hearing”. We don’t pay much attention to all of the beautiful sounds around us but they all have a profound effect on our psyche. Here are a few.


San Francisco’s Botanical Gardens are quite beautiful visually. Sound wise it can be difficult to escape the chaotic city sounds but there are moments where they grow faint and all that’s left is you and tranquility.


The rocks by Torpedo Wharf give you two great things. A majestic, almost unreal sight of the Golden Gate Bridge and beautiful calming waves splashing agains the rocks.


The Yerba Buena Gardens upper fountain is beautiful and calming. Many people stop by to relax and listen to it’s calming sounds. Some even lay down for a nap.


The Singing Bench on Market Street in San Francisco by Living Innovation Zones. If two people sit down, each places one bare arm or hand on the metal-plated armrests, then they hold hands with the other, a tune plays as a subtle electric current courses through this newly created circuit.