Modern Life Designs With Douglas Brett

Modern Life Designs With Douglas Brett

douglas brett modern life designs daddy star snakeI was at Union Square and I came across some beautiful bronze sculptures by Douglas Brett. I must have spent an hour there just looking at them. There was something about them that made me feel calm and I could see how well they would fit into a modern minimalist home built around soft grey tones. These sculptures would be like the small dabs of color on top giving each space life. My favorite was the one pictured above, Star Snake.

This one is called SpeedSkater. As soon as I came across it I immediately pictured it in a black and white photograph. If you mouse over you can see it’s beautiful blue color. I can see this one being a centerpiece in a room. Just picturing that relaxes me. Maybe it says keep moving.

douglas brett modern life designs elephante

This one is called Elephante and it almost looks like a relic. Like some sort of key to some temple deep in a tropical rainforest. Pure fantasy but it did elicit that wonder for me. I guess you could say it’s like an adventure for someone with a vivid imagination.

douglas brett modern life designs retangular robot pianoman

This one is called Retangular Robot PianoMan and it is, well I really don’t know but I like it. A lot. It’s just the sense of simplicity I found throughout the sculptures. Like a little bit of sense in a world that makes no sense.

douglas brett modern life designs

I don’t know what this one is called but there were quite a few of them in different sizes. I think they are prehistoric fish of some sort.

douglas brett modern life designs Daddy Long Leggs

This one is called Daddy Long Leggs and was beautifully strange. Douglas has a large collection of interesting sculptures that weren’t there that day like Spider Figure, The Bird  Troubadour, and especially Lovers. There were also some that were quite fun like Don Quixote, Dancer Holding Head, and Dancer Waving Butt. Picture a group of sculptures having a blast. I really can’t explain why I like his designs so much but I do.

douglas brett modern life designs

Douglas Brett has been sculpting for more than 34 years. Here he is standing next to to Daddy Long Leggs, a sculpture he said was a self portrait. He stated on his website:

“We create contemporary images of modern life that arouse your thoughts and sensibilities that seek originality of design, feel good to be around, and instill that sense of wonder.”